FIAC 2023: Rankings

Rankings all categories FIAC 2023 Rankings

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FIAC 2023: Live stream sessions and prices

Please go to the APG live stream main page to select your live stream session using the link below: APG...

Read more27 maart 2023

FIAC 2023: Winners gala!

In 2023 Ambitious Pro Gymnastics celebrates its 25th Anniversary! To make this birthday party unforgettable, this year’s FIAC will have...

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FIAC 2023: Participating countries

Take a look at the 18 (!) countries that will participate in the Flanders International Acro Cup 2023. We are...

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FIAC 2023: Photo pack reservations

Reserve your photo packs for the FIAC 2023 and bring great memories home!

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FIAC 2023: New competition schedule

IMPORTANT! Please find hereby the new competition schedule for the FIAC 2023! Changes to the original schedule are indicated in...

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FIAC 2022 Results

Rankings All Round All Categories FIAC 2022 Rankings All Round All Categories Rankings Finals All Categories FIAC 2022 Rankings Finals...

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FIAC 2019 + WCup Results

Day 1 Results FIAC AG MxP/WG; JUN WG Ag Jun Q1 P1 2019 AG MP/WP/MG; JUN MP/WP/MxP Ag Jun Q1...

Read more8 februari 2022

FIAC 2018 + WCup Results

Day 1 Results FIAC AG-JUN part 1 (AG MxP/WG; JUN WG) Ag Jun Q1 Part 1 2018 AG-JUN part 2...

Read more7 februari 2022

FIAC 2017 + WCup Results

FIAC Qualifications FIAC Q2 2017 FIAC Finals FIAC FINALS 2017 Worldcup Qualifications Wcup Q2 2017 Worldcup Finals Wcup Finale 2017

Read more7 februari 2022
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